No Greater Joy

S (Scripture) – 3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.”

O (Observation) – John is saying that out of all of the experiences and things this world offers, he draws no greater joy from hearing of the spiritual maturity and obedience of those he has discipled, and invested his life in, over the years.  What an incredible testament to what really matters in this life.  We can experience great joy from our families, friends, vacations, victories, etc., however, the greatest joy comes from knowing that we have shared the love of Jesus with another person, and have watched as they receive it, break free from darkness and brokenness, and begin to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in this life.

A (Application) – It is easy to become wrapped up in the urgency of our every day lives, and allow the necessary tasks at hand to dominate our thoughts and energy.  We must consciously take every though captive and recall that Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples – a disciple is a follower of Jesus, someone who sits at His feet and learns from Him.  The only way we are going to be able to do that is if we are intentional about it.  We must love others well, care for them, show them the love Jesus has shown us, and then tell them about Who He is.  We, too, will experience this greatest of joys when we see those we have invested in walking boldly with confidence in this life of who their God is and what He has done for them.

P (Prayer) – Sovereign Lord, thank You for Your truth.  Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that guides me into all truth and leads me each step of the journey.  Help me to follow hard after You, and to equip others to do the same – not out of guilt or condemnation – but out of a loving response to the love You have shown to us.  Thank You for the joy we experience when we know that our obedience to You has helped another learn what it means to trust You and walk in the truth.